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Folkstock 140 Character Interview

If you’re wondering exactly what this is, it’s a brand new feature in which Musical Nourishment utilises the medium of Twitter to conduct an interview in 140 characters or less.

All questions will be asked in one 140 character tweet and the interviewee is allowed to answer each question with separate tweets to allow for, well you know, answers. This is also done in the hope that spelling and grammar will not be forsaken.

Folkstock is a music festival that will be happening in Hertfordshire on 21 September, and just in case you hasn’t guessed it from the name it’s all about folk. As well as hosting artists that have garnered attention from the BBC the festival will also be featuring local musicians.

So, here we go, our first 140 character interview with Folkstock:

@Musicment: @Folkstock Describe the festival. How’re the preparations going? How did it get started? Who’s playing? Is there anything you’d like to say?

@Folkstock: “@Musicment Herts 21/09 joyous folky fusion @LucyWardSings @KrisDrever 65 acts 4 stages, was a whim, now a passion.

“@Musicment Flagship event of Folkstock Arts Foundation,which runs mentoring marketing plans for aspiring musicians.

“@Musicment yes,would like to say COME! buy tickets now, let’s not see another festival fall by the wayside because of poor ticket sales!”

To find out more about Folkstock head on over to their website and feel free to follow them on Twitter!


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