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Candy Says Music App

For a band that is pretty much DIY, these guys know how to do everything. Not only can they make wonderful rock and chic-pop music but they’re techy too! It wouldn’t surprise me if they start playing gigs standing on their heads.

Ben Walker from Candy Says has mined into the daunting world of app development and emerged with a shining gem, a diamond in the rough. The Candy Says app is for every music fan who ever wanted to know more about a track they love, or even an entire album.

If you liked Melt into the Sun, well get the app and find out more about the production of the song and what went into the lyrics. If you’ve ever been apart of their mailing list then you know that these guys are not only quirky but also incredibly charming. This comes through in the notes they’ve provided for the app.

To begin with it starts off with two tracks, two tracks you can read up on and find out more about the writing and the actual production, then once you’re done with that you can go listen to them. The plan is that each month a new song will be released with more notes to read, these tracks are all demo-type releases.

There’s one little kink, and that’s if you’re playing their music and your phone/mp3 player locks or you go into a different app the music will stop playing and you’ll have to start again, however I have seen something on Twitter about an upgrade countering that so I wouldn’t think it’ll be a problem for long. 

If you’re wondering what the price is for such a musical treasure, well there isn’t one. You can get all this for free. So if you love Candy Says, Musical Nourishment says go get this app and revel in what should be the future of music. This is something more bands should do, but for now let’s applaud Candy Says for this excellent addition to any smartphone.

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