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Song of the Day: Something for the Weekend by Molotov Jukebox

It’s called Something for the Weekend but they have it to us on a Monday. So, I give it to you today, something truly for the weekend.

Molotov Jukebox are great, they’re like nothing that’s about at the moment and they have a unique enthusiasm and energy in each of their songs.

Something for the Weekend comes from their forthcoming but untitled first full-length album and if it’s any indicator, then we’re in for a great album.

This track is another exciting offering, with an awesome video to go with it. Natalia Tena’s voice remains as mesmerising as it has always been and the cacophony of musical instruments that surges throughout the track are a joy to listen to. The introduction is brilliant, it sets the entire mood of the song, and then the vocals begin. They’re a tad slow-paced (not ballad like) at first but when it gets to the chorus it speeds up and this pattern is repeated throughout.

There’s also a moment where the chorus is coming up and all the music stops and Natalia Tena carries on singing, it’s a nice touch in a track that is otherwise wonderfully  hectic. There’s are also instrumental sections which are brilliant.

Molotov Jukebox are certainly an exciting band and their music can brighten up any day. What do you think of their new song?


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