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Song of the Day: War by Lois & the Love

This song is magical.

The track is utterly brilliant, there’s so much awesome it’s a little bit intimidating to write about.

I’m liking the rockiness of the intro, it’s a little bit deceiving as you don’t expect what comes in terms of vocals. However, the strength of the intro suggests exactly how powerful the track is going to be.

When the vocals first come in it seems pretty standard. They’re soft and edgy for a few lines, then they shed their softness and go in for the kill, as it were. These vocals belong to a proper woman of rock, but, wait a second… what’s this?

They’ve gone from soft to rock to ghostly. It’s become the type of performance that raises the hairs on the back of your neck, there is so much diversity, so much range that it’s truly amazing.

The song builds up as it continues and is faultless until the very end. It is the first track of Lois & the Love’s that I have heard and, as soon as I can stop hitting the replay button, I plan on listening to more of their music.

What do you think?

What do you think?

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