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Song of the Day: Foul Weather Fare by Mode Moderne

Mode Moderne are pretty cool. They’re one of those bands which are kind of hard to describe. There’s a hint of kooky here and a dash of macabre there and there’s a bit of 80’s quality to it too.

Their entire album, which I’ve previously reviewed, is full of that strange mixture, in particular the song Foul Weather Fare. Whatever it is they’ve concocted it’s extremely catchy and luxurious. The vocals are like silk on your ears, yet, despite the smoothness there is an underlying strength, which is boosted by the fast-paced lyrics.

From beginning to end there’s a steady and reliable beat born from guitar and drum as well as the occasional tentative synth, this serves to preserve the strength of the track when there are no lyrics or when those lyrics are delivered quietly.

It’s a wonderful track and is very refreshing to listen to. There’s no pigeon-holing these guys, which can only be a good thing as that means they’re unpredictable and fun. 

It’s the sort of song which will be fantastic in the car on a sunny day but equally as good played in your house when it’s tipping it down outside. So basically, it’s a song for all occasions

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