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Song of the Day: Go Away by The Cruxshadows

The Cruxshadows are an amazing gothic type band with some brilliant music. One of their best songs being Go Away from the album Wishfire.

I am a little unclear on what makes it so great, which so often happens. I think, if you were to listen to it in the context of the album, it would be the fact that it’s so different from the rest of the songs. It is different, it’s a slower pace and feels a lot more serious than the other tracks. The lyrics are also great, they’re easy to hear and they make a lot of sense. By that I mean they’re not words for the sake of words, they’ve actually been thought about.

Then there’s the unique vocals, there aren’t many bands out there which can boast this sound. I must also come to the emotion of the track, because there is a sense of despair to it and, let’s face it, despair makes a good song.

It’s an unassuming track, it’s not as ambitious as Resist/R , but it’s just as memorable. Perhaps it’s the chorus, it’s short and simple and communicates the essence of the song pretty well. The chorus is as understated as the rest of the song but with one difference. Most of the lyrics are poetic but when it comes to the chorus it does just stick with the simple aspect and doesn’t dress it up too much, which makes it cut right through you and in turn gives the track that special quality that makes you want to repeat it.

And it really is worth a repeat.


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