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Song of the Day: Fall by The Presets

Wow his voice is amazing. It wastes no times and strikes straight away, and let’s face it, if you have a voice like that you’re really not going to waste time.

What I really like about this track is the simplicity of it, too much nowadays people are filling songs full of rubbish thinking more is better, but this is really stripped back. Sure it’s not the standard vocals and guitar but when you compare it to similar tracks from similar artists you’ll notice the difference immediately.

It’s this difference which makes it far superior.

It’s also horrendously addictive. The video is absolutely mesmerising and the vocals are so smooth that it’s perfectly imaginable just listening to it forever. They work in perfect harmony with the actual music side of things and, even if you haven’t seen the video, you can easily see someone falling, or perhaps even flying, through the air because the track has that soaring quality.

If you can drag yourself away from that video I’d love to know what you think!


What do you think?

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