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Song of the Day: Take me to the Fire by Ghost and Gale

You know when you hear a song for the first time and on the very first note you know it’s going to be great? It’s cliché but for Take me to the Fire by Ghost and Gale it really is true. There’s something unique about this track and it might very well be the way the vocalists work together.

Their voices support each other wonderfully and you get the tone of the song immediately. It’s powerful and strong and completely engrossing, especially when it gets to the lengthy ‘ooooh’s.

There’s a blast of anger throughout the entire track which gives it that ‘oomph’, it’s the thing that makes you want to replay the song over and over again because it demonstrates their pure passion. On occasion it makes you think that perhaps there’s no need for the instruments and the vocals are all that’s needed, but then there come the moments of lucidity when you realise that actually the overshadowed instruments are the things creating that anger and everything else just grows from there.

If you’re desperately searching for something new to listen to then you have to give this a go, when they’re singing (almost shouting) together it makes for delicious listening, it’s almost a shame there’s little over three minutes of it.

What do you think of the song?


What do you think?

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