Cultivating great musical taste

Song of the Day: Safe Hands by Paper Aeroplanes

This track is so lovely I don’t know how to start.

Paper Aeroplanes are a folk-pop duo from Wales, armed with a wonderful voice and enchanting guitars their song, Safe Hands, is terribly addictive. The whole track is entirely smooth, there are no jarring or rough edges which works for this track and suits the vocals.

Everything works well together and the high notes are reached with an ease that seems impossible. Considering the vocals have a lot of range to achieve, there is wonderful control over that voice, and it’s all done without the impression of showing off, it’s all natural.

There’s a wonderful tone to the vocals too, which is underlined by the steady and understated  melody of the guitars as well as the almost whispered backing vocals. Although it doesn’t seem like it at first there is a lot of  layers to this song, and with each listen you will hear something new.

It’s an incredibly soft song as well, which is perfect for a Sunday morning. What are your thoughts?


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