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Song of the Day: Stubborn Love by The Lumineers

I’ve heard their name around for a while but never really given them much thought, they’re always just been a name banded about but there’s never been much eagerness to listen to them. However, when it came to finding something new to listen to their name jumped out.

I’m glad it did. The vocalist has a lovely voice, kind of gruff at points but smooth at others and there’s something very Mumford and Sons about them, but they’re not a complete copy. Stubborn Love starts out simple enough and it’s easy to get lost in the voice, although it is sometimes a little hard to tell what he’s saying.

Despite this it is obvious that emotion is pouring into the vocals. The song is at its best when there are backing vocals supporting the lead singer, it adds an extra bit of depth, a nice texture that’s soft on the ears. After a while you get the gist of the lyrics and, actually, it’s a very well written song, it’s easy to relate to and they’ve managed to balance meaning with catchiness.

The music is good as well, it’s the journey of the song and, just like the vocals, it’s about the emotion. It seems a little melancholy at first but then towards the end its changed to determination and becomes uplifting, there’s a sort of freedom to mood it creates.   

It’s actually quite addictive and the emotion that’s part of the song becomes more pronounced when watching the video.

What do you think of the track?


What do you think?

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