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Song of the Day: Favourite Flavour by Candy Says

First of all, I love the beginning of this video with the trumpet and old style introduction, but I digress before I’ve even begun. This song is soothing and enchanting and makes for tranquil listening.

In the video you might recognise Juju and Ben from Little Fish, this is because Candy Says is their new beginning, their clean slate and do you know what? They’ve made a good start with that new slate.

Yes, it’s different from the music they created as Little Fish, but then what would be the point of starting again if you’re just going to follow the same path.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you this awesome and somewhat new band which has an amazing energy.

I said earlier that the track is enchanting and that’s because of the calmness of the vocals which seem to be perfectly matched with the steady beat in the background. There’s no particular build up which wouldn’t suit this track, the steadiness is the main attraction.

The chorus is pretty catchy and the ‘na na nas’ are a nice touch, it’s a quirky addition to a quirky song that happens to have a brilliantly quirky video.

There’s no doubt that this will be stuck in my head all day. If you’re a fan then there’s a few gig dates you might be interested in.

What do you think of Candy Says?


What do you think?

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