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Ash Lee 140 Character Interview

Ash Lee is a singer/songwriter from Hampshire (making him a local musician for me) with a great passion for what he does. His track Yesterday’s News is a catchy little song with a great beat and a chorus that’ll be stuck in your head. The sort of synthy experimentation (nope that probably isn’t the correct terminology) with his voice at the beginning  and the guitar solo toward the end give the song an extra edge making, it a very good offering.  (more…)

Song of the Day: The Hypnotist by Owls of the Swamp

The Hypnotist by Owls of the Swamp is beautiful. It commands your attention straight away with the tinkling keyboard and gentle guitar. It puts you in mind of a night time scene in the countryside with the moon shining down on the swaying grass and the river that is rolling past. It’s that sort of music, where you can picture it in your mind.

Call Upon the Author 140 Character Interview

Welcome to our second instalment of our 140 character interviews.

Today we’ve been talking to Call Upon the Author, a website dedicated to music talent. It’s based in Portsmouth and features some of the best music around. (more…)

Folkstock 140 Character Interview

If you’re wondering exactly what this is, it’s a brand new feature in which Musical Nourishment utilises the medium of Twitter to conduct an interview in 140 characters or less.

All questions will be asked in one 140 character tweet and the interviewee is allowed to answer each question with separate tweets to allow for, well you know, answers. This is also done in the hope that spelling and grammar will not be forsaken. (more…)

Candy Says Music App

For a band that is pretty much DIY, these guys know how to do everything. Not only can they make wonderful rock and chic-pop music but they’re techy too! It wouldn’t surprise me if they start playing gigs standing on their heads. (more…)

Song of the Day: Something for the Weekend by Molotov Jukebox

It’s called Something for the Weekend but they have it to us on a Monday. So, I give it to you today, something truly for the weekend.

Molotov Jukebox are great, they’re like nothing that’s about at the moment and they have a unique enthusiasm and energy in each of their songs. (more…)

Song of the Day: Airport Bar by Tom Blotter

This is a nice little song to listen to. Airport Bar by Tom Blotter is a jaunty tune that can make any dreary morning just that bit cheerier. He has a lovely voice and a great mastery over it, whilst strumming along on his guitar. (more…)