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Song of the Day: Laiks by Sus Dungo

Sus Dungo come from Latvia and have been described as “Latvian indie pop fairies”which, given the dream like quality of their music, seems a fair assessment.

They’re an eightpiece band with the ability to play a variety of instruments, from the harp to the flute and accordion. They mix all these magical instruments together in Laiks to create a fantastic sound which could very well belong in some sort of dream world.

To this wonderous cacophony they add their voices. It contributes that extra spark of magic and makes it that much more enthralling. I think the fact that it is sung in their native tongue plays a major part in the fantasy quality.

At some points it even sounds like a lullaby making it an extremely relaxing track to listen to if you’ve had a tough day and need to unwind.

I randomly stumbled upon them on YouTube whilst looking for new music and could not be more pleased to have them. They are extremely talented and there’s something very real about Sus Dungo.

What do you think?


What do you think?

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