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Song of the Day: Can’t pretend by Tom Odell

I heard this track in the car today and knew I had to share it with you. I caught the tail end of it and thought for a little that it was Mumford & Sons, after a few seconds it became apparent that I was utterly, utterly wrong. I was actually an idiot for thinking it was them because this track, this artist is entirely different.

Now, I love Mumford & Sons but, when it comes to music, copycats are so tiring, which was why I was relieved that Tom Odell was, in fact, nothing like them.

Radio One have named him as one of the ones to watch for 2013, and as much as that station is rubbish it sometimes does actually pick up on decent music and thank god they found him.

Can’t Pretend is  a delerium of folkish pop music blended so well that it sends you on a soaring high despite the darkness of the song. He has such an amazing voice, so powerful and vibrant. I wish there were more male artists out there who sounded this good.

His voice can go from being light to heavy in a matter of moments and it gives the track that extra oomph, that passion and atmosphere which make it so addictive. It’s almost as if you can feel his pain, which is flawlessly displayed through his lyrics.

The chorus is dark with an undercurrent of molevelence, forging a great song. A song which could very well be a glimmering foresight into his future career; passionate and dramatic. This track has me convinced that I need to get a ticket to see him at the Joiners in March.


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