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Song of the Day: Sugarplum by Lem and The White Fire

This is a local one, a friend of a friend. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t expect it to be good. I don’t think most people do when it’s local. But, quite fortunately, I was mistaken.

It’s another addictive tune and Lem has a powerful voice and brilliant control over it. She has a big voice and it’s accompanied by a massive explosion of musical chaos, it all mixes well together creating a song that is practically perfect.

At some points throughout the song there’s a menacing quality to her voice, adding character, she doesn’t just tell the story with her lyrics, she tells it with her voice. 

Although she belts out the lyrics there are a some moments where she performs it in an almost understated manner, showing the rang that she can achieve. Then there’s the humming that pops up which reminds me of O Children by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, it adds a nice mood.

The amazing part is that so much has been shoved into just over four minutes and it feels completely right, it doesn’t seem like too much and it doesn’t feel as if we’re not treated to enough of any of it.

It’s a wonderful track which is definitely going to get a lot of repeats on my iPod.   

What did you think?

What do you think?

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