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Song of the Day: Numb by Linkin Park



Here comes another sentimental post! I love love loved this song back in school. I’ve always loved music and this track was another step in that wonderfully musical ladder.

Numb by Linkin Park is an absolute masterpiece. It is them at their peak, their absolute best. This song, along with In The End are unforgettable.

Now, I completely adored Linkin Park back in the day, they used to be awesome and I’ve been bitterly disappointed with their new stuff but the old more than makes up for it.

But what makes this song so amazing, more amazing than all of their other stuff, is the emotion. They’re all heavy(ish) and rocky(ish) yet they’re not afraid to pack a three-minute track so full of emotion. From the lyrics to the vocals to the music and back to the lyrics again, it’s all absolutely awesome and musical perfection.

I can understand why so many people relate to it, the lyrics reach out to so many and encompass such a broad range of situations. They actually speak to people.

But aside from the deep and meaningful stuff it’s just pure awesome, I loved this stage of my musical discovery. At every turn there was something new and exciting to listen to and this was the beginning of that.



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