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Song of the Day: O Children by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

I absolutely love this track.

It was my first introduction to Nick Cave (aside from that dark duet he did with Kylie Minogue) and I had to confess myself addicted after one listen. I would spend entire bus journeys (which were about an hour and a half long) swept up in almost seven minutes of wonderfully moody vocals and submerging myself into the depths created by the lyrics.

O Children by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds is a brilliant display of Cave’s gruff vocals. Not only the they really connect with the lyrics but they connect with me too. It’s as if he’s talking to you, that’s how clear and lucid they whole song is. It comes with such a depressing tone and those ‘oooohs’ that sound in the background and the chorus add yet another hint of melancholy.

By the time it gets the chorus, with the choir and the music slightly livened, up you’re completely engrossed. It doesn;t matter if it sounds sad because it is one of the best songs you will ever listen to, and the little bits added here and there truly make it the exceptional song it is. For example the piano subtly comes in amidst the guitar and choir of voices.

It starts off so amazingly and ends in the same fashion and it really does take you off into a whole world of emotions and makes the time fly by because you enjoy it so much.

But enough of my gushing. What’s your opinion?


What do you think?

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