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Song of the Day: Velvet Elvis by Alex Winston

This is another one that has come from an advert. Velvet Elvis by Alex Winston is a catchy little tune that lightens up the five minute advert stretch between one paralympic sport and another.

It’s the perfect theme for that ad and, taken completely away from the TV side of things, it actually has a summer anthem feel to it, even if it is September.

It’s cheery and uptempo and so easy to get into. It’s a  sort of simple track, not much thought has to go into it so you can throw yourself straight in and enjoy from the very beginning.

The vocals sound a little like The Noisettes, when I first heard it I thought it was actually them, but after some thorough research on Youtube I quickly corrected my mistake.

The chorus of the song is the best, I love how everything comes together in it, it’s notably noisier than the verses and there’s just something wonderful about the echo that plays during it/ It just makes you want to sing along even more.

It’s a nice catchy song and very lively too. It’s one that makes me want to check out more this artist’s back catalogue too.



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