Cultivating great musical taste

Song of the Day: On The Sea by Beach House

Ahhhhhhhhhhh On The Sea by Beach House is a really relaxing song. It actually sounds a little bit like Muse, not the singing or exuberant guitar solos, but the rest of the music. It sounds like some of their earlier stuff.

It’s a blissful track, it coddles you in its soft vibrations and it’s like you’re just floating about in the very calming and very brilliant music. even the vocal don’t intrude on the calmness. They’re not harsh but instead soft, just like the music. the work in perfect harmony, melding together to make this wonderful track.

I have to admit it’s taken me a while to actually take note of the lyrics because the whole thing just lulls me in, I just go along with the nice sound and not actually pay attention to the words, but sometimes that’s all a song needs, really good music. Of course the lyrics are good too, don’t get me wrong.

This is a song that you will need to listen to a lot of times, it’s moorish and it’ very hard to sate your thirst for it.


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