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Album Review: These are the Good Old Days by The Finest Hour

This 12 track album comes to just under 60 minutes and I can honestly say that These are the Good Old Days is truly their finest hour, give or take a few minutes.

It’s full of everything that you can expect from a good band. Variety, strong performance, strong lyrics, entertainment and above all else utter enjoyment.

From track to track they exude power and confidence and this makes for a wonderful listen. This might be The Finest Hour’s debut album but it sounds like they have a lot of experience already under their belt.

These are the good Old Days makes it clear that this band is in it for the long haul, they take this seriously and they have plenty of ambition.

Opening track Never Heard of Dylan is the perfect introduction, it’s energetic, full of raw talent, fast-paced and just brilliant. It’s guaranteed to have you moving with the beat and it might even coax you to attempt a sing-along. It’s fun to listen to and let’s be honest, when you see a band described as ‘indie, rock and ska’ you don’t some soulful singing and a downbeat tune. You want everything that The Finest Hour is giving you.

It’s an enthusiasm that continues throughout the album. They never seem to tire and they put their all into each and every song.

Now, if for some reason if you’re bored and you’re tempted to stop listed well STOP. You cannot and you must not miss the awesomeness that is Calverly Road. It’s full of longing but it really doesn’t hinder their energy, it’s catchy and is the best track on the album. The chorus picks up pace and the melding of the two voices is magic. They just go so well together and makes it unforgettable.

There is such a mix of  genres in the album so no song is the same. A standout is Pocket Change, it’s a sort of jaunty track fun to listen to and just a great addition to the record.

Then there’s Control, which is just so amazing. Everything works so well together to create this and it’s another memorable one, it’s full of emotion and shows off their talent incredibly well.

These are the Good Old Days comes out 1 October and is a must have addition to any music fan’s collection. It’s the perfect way to kick off their career, no doubt they’ll garner a lot more attention, and I’ll be there supporting them o their way.


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