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Song of the Day: Waves by Blondfire

Thank you WordPress for once again introducing me to an awesome song. I would have tagged the blog I found Waves by Blondfire on, but I got carried away listening to the music and then my computer crashed before I could commit the name to memory.

If you click play I’m sure you’ll understand why I got carried away. This track is amazing!  It starts off so simply with just a guitar and the singing starts and wow it’s brilliant. Such a vivd picture is painted with every syllable and when the word ‘waves’ is sung it’s like everyone has jumped in to join her. It’s a crash of sound lapping against the ear drum.

Take the vocals out of it and the rest of the track is just as amazing. Everything is providing a strong and lovely backbone to the track, it carries it and adds strength to the song. It supports it well and when the singing does actually stop the music washes over you.

Then bringing the vocals back into it, may I just say that they are amazing. They go from strong to quiet, quiet to strong so quickly it comes as a surprise. It’s as if the tide is coming in and going out. Everything about the song brings imagery of the sea to mind.

I could listen to this all day, but instead I think I might use my time more wisely to discover all of Blondfire’s other awesome music.


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