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Song of the Day: Is This Love by Aiden Grimshaw

You have no idea how surprised I am that I am making an Aiden Grimshaw song my Song of the Day. I sent off a review of his debut album Misty Eye to Call Upon the Author and came away from it pleasantly surprised. I did not expect to enjoy his music but it’s actually rather catchy.

Anyway, Is This Love is a great display of how much he has grown since his X Factor days. I think this is down to the fact that he is in charge of what he does and there aren’t four judges trying to hammer him into a pigeon-hole.

The chorus is refreshing, it comes with a splash of synths and if you were to sing along it would leave you breathless. The lyrics are good for someone of his age and perhaps the most impressive thing about it is how high his voice can reach. Sure some of it might be helped out by auto-tuning or whatever (don’t quote me on that it just seems impossible for him to reach such heights) but it’s still rather astonishing.

There’s also a lot of passion in the track, which is something that lacked in his performances on the X Factor (and is probably a factor in why I wasn’t a fan of his) and he’s a much bete artist for it.

If you’re interested, his debut album Misty Eye will be released on 20 August.

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