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Song of the Day: Don’t Speak by No Doubt

This is in honour of their return (there’s not any sly cheeky comment hidden in the choice of track) because No Doubt are awesome and Don’t Speak is their most awesome song.

It has become their anthem (well this and I’m Just a Girl and It’s My Life) and from the get go the urge to sing along is overwhelming. This is the magic of No Doubt, they know how to entertain you and make you interact with the music.

Once again this is another lyrically brilliant song, not only does it command your attention from start to finish but Gwen Stefani puts in one heck of a performance. Her voice is phenomenal and despite her little foray into the solo world (which wasn’t actually that bad but was far from the greatness of her band days) she remains one of my favourite vocalists.

A track like this is a perfect example of how a voice can make a song great and is one of my all time favourites.


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