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Song of the Day: Nothing Compares 2 U by Capital Cities

Usually covers of this song are awful, they never reach the greatness of the original. However this one is different, I think it might be because Capital Cities have attempted to make it their own, and have been pretty successful.

When it comes to Nothing Compares 2 U people tend to emulate Sinead O’Connor and never quite manage to convey its meaning, therefore falling short of all expectation. However, giving it a dance makeover was a stroke of genius.

Shoving in a whole load of sounds that you wouldn’t expect to be associated with this song makes it one of the best covers I have heard, the trumpets and lingering synths and the vocals that seem to almost dissolve in the background, they all meld together to forge one great cover.

During the verses it can almost be mistaken for a cool, relaxed jazz song. But then that instantly recognisable and powerful chorus makes its appearance and it takes you back to that iconic video.

The steady beat throughout is a nice touch too, obviously you need something like that to make something even the least bit dancey. But it signifies that they’re not even going to try to copy the original. It says that ‘this is our version, an we’re going to make sure you remember that.’

What do you think?

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