Cultivating great musical taste

Song of the Day: Stay by Shakespeare’s Sister

Stay is another example of catchy songs that might actually be a tad depressing. I think the hook actually comes with the amazing vocal performance. This track by Shakespeare’s Sister has been a favourite for a very long time, so naturally I was peeved when Cher Lloyd butchered it on the X Factor.

But the original brushed aside her poor attempt at tackling a classic track and righted all woes with its sheer awesomeness. The lyrics are incredibly descriptive and emotional and I love the contrast between the two sets of vocals.

Then there’s also the sort of choiry feel during the chorus, it gives it that haunting quality, which is apt since it’s kind of a gothic song.

Anyway, it really is a great song and everything about it makes it that way. It’s a shame that pop songs nowadays are utter rubbish, because music used to be so good, it’s a shame to see what the mainstream has become.

Thank god for the old stuff!


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