Cultivating great musical taste

Song of the Day: Ghosts by The Presets

God this is addictive!

The vocals are kind of flat but it’s so good, perfectly catchy and I think the flatness adds a certain character to the track, which has such an awesome beat and it’s the sort where you can stat belting out the words along with it.

The lyrics are clever and worm their way into your mind and the sort of chorus of male vocals is pretty darn awesome too! I think I like this so much because it’s a lot different fromt he stuff I’ve listened to lately. Like I said in a previous Song of the Day I’ve been listening to a lot of folk music and it’s not really that well know for being all that energetic if I’m honest, so i think that’s why this one has struck me.

It’s energetic, catchy, lyrically and musically good and I realy have been listening to it all day. If only all songs were of this calibre then the radio would actually be a good thing to listen to.

Definitely give it a listen, I wouldn’t want you to miss out!


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