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Song of the Day: Wires by Athlete

It’s a slow but steady song and probably the best one that Athlete have ever created. Wires is an emotional track and it builds up to a crescendo towards the end before shedding all the layers of instruments before picking them up again, I love the way this is done, it makes it seem like the music is wavering as if it has been burdened by emotion.

The imagery is amazing and you can almost see the story unfolding in slow motion as the song progresses. It’s a great song with some of the best lyrics, it has a catchy melancholy to it which is why the build up at the end is so very emotional. It’s as if the singer is letting it all out in this song.

There is such a depth to this track and it mostly has to do with the lyrics, it doesn’t matter how many layers are thrown on top of it, the emotion is still peeking through them all.

You’ll love this song, it’s uplifting despite the sadness to it. It starts of low, but the further into the song you get the more hopeful it seems to become.


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