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Song of the Day: Comforting Sounds by Birdy

This is a cover but I actually prefer Birdy’s version of Comforting Sounds.

It’s a beautiful song and her voice suits it so perfectly, especially when it goes low. However, it’ a track that doesn’t really rely on vocals, they just introduce it. They’re there, and linger hauntingly for a few minutes before fading away and surrendering to the music.

There’s a lot to love about it, especially the dreaming quality to it. I think that mainly comes from the piano or keyboard, whichever is used. It just makes a beautiful sounds and it just stays there, keeping the rhythm going.

Everything makes it sound so dramatic but its lovely, it builds up to a wonderful end, gradually picking up tempo as the seconds tick by. It’s the sort of song that you just don’t want to end because it’s so amazing. It captures not only your attention but also you imagination.

The music is just as expressive as the vocals and that is a sign of truly good music. The fact that it’s just so easy to understand despite there being no lyrics for most of it is brilliant.

But the whole reason I prefer this version is because of Birdy’s voice, I’m not entirely sure why it makes this song so amazing but she just seems to understand the lyrics and even more than that she makes me us understand them. Her voice has that quality.


What do you think?

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