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Song of the Day: Mourning Tree by Leaves’ Eyes

Leaves’ Eyes are a symphonic metal band headed up by Liv Kristine  and Mourning Tree is one of their slower tracks from the album Vinland Saga.

If this is the first song of their’s you’ve even listened to then you might think I’m mistaken in calling them symphonic metal, but believe me when they want to go heavy, they go heavy. Mourning Tree just happens to be more relaxed.  It’s a beautiful song, Kristine’s vocals are smooth and flawless as is the music behind it.

The melody is haunting and there’s a deep sense of sadness to this track which is most prominent with the lyric and supported by everything else.

I like that the band don’t just limit themselves to the all out heaviness and power of metal, they appreciate the subtlety that a song like this can bring to an album. They’re not afraid to vary their sound and, in this case, it has paid off.

It is pretty much a track full of melancholy but that is where the beauty of the song comes into it. Although it’s sad there is a sense of hope, so it is also a tad uplifting.


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