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Song of the Day: It’s All Okay by Julia Stone


One half of the sibling duo Angus and Julia Stone, the latter has come out with a brilliant song as part of her solo career. Both Angus and Julia have started upon solo careers and both have been astounding.

Yet she just pips it. I mean, It’s All Okay is a wonderfully beautiful song, full of strong vocals a steady beat and a sense of dramatic atmosphere that seeps gradually into the track.

It has a beautiful introduction with slow drum beat and the repetition of the piano, it mixes together to make such a glorious sound and immediately you can feel that something great is about to unfold.

When Stone’s vocals are added to the mixture it really does become a swirl of brilliance and the story begins to unfurl, slowly. Stone has such a control over her voice, it brings a lot of emotion to the track and it suits the style of the music perfectly.

The lyrics are strong too, they’re meaningful and voice makes sure we understand that. So many songs can be ruined by a person’s voice, but no in this case. She ensures that It’s All Okay doesn’t become superficial.

Definitely check it out, it’s an amazing song and I’m sure it heralds many other amazing songs from her.



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