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Song of the Day: Happy Now by Jon Allen

This guy sounds like Rod Stewart,that’s really the first thing that strikes you about Jon Allen, especially with Happy Now. His rough vocals give this otherwise moody folk song a rocky edge.

It’s a darkly poetic track given a different level with the ‘oooh’s’ that he includes, it brings to it a tinge of regret while the rest of it sounds angry. A slow seething roiling underneath the surface.

Even the count in at the beginning sounds angry, as do the guitars and drums and the harmonica. It all fuses together to make, ironically, a soothing song.

If you don’t pay attention to the lyrics and just focus on the sounds of the instruments and the tone of his voice it’s easy to¬† get swept up in it. but if you do listen to the lyrics it’s easy to share his pain. So heartfelt and passionate, his emotions seep through every bit of the track.


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