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Song of the Day: All My Days by Alexi Murdoch

I find it very difficult to find a guy with a soothing voice, I believe the last one was Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons, but Alexi Murdoch has blipped onto the radar in a rather gruff but understated way.

All my Days is just done in a rather simplistic fashion, some introspective and perhaps insecure vocals with a slightly rough edge attached to a lovely, luxuriously languid guitar. It’s such a calm and relaxing song yet the words suggest anything but. The lyrics are masterfully written too.

It’s a poetic track and one that can slot easily into any time of the day, whether you’re concentrating on something but need music on in the background or if you really want a track to get your teeth into. There’s a special quality to Murdoch’s voice, and it’s the power of this song. The focus is all on the vocals and they truly keep it alive.

It really is a lovely listen.


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