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Song of the Day: [What a Night] To Be Alive by The 99s

The 99s are a pop rock band who have been very fortunate of late. Not only have they got two albums to their name but they caught the attention of the Hollyoaks guys and were asked to appear on the show and perform two of their songs.

With [What a Night] To Be Alive it doesn’t take much of an imagination to see why. It’s a catchy display of their talent, immediately hooking your attention. It’s a steady performance from the entire band, the vocals are slightly gruff but not obtrusively so. They give it that nice rough edge which keeps at bay that overly cloying perfection which usually comes with pop/rock acts.

The beginning is a little jaunty which is one of its major appeals. A jaunty little track to bop along to. They sound a tiny little bit like the Delays, which is always a good thing.

It’s the sort of track you can listen to and imagine that they had a lot of fun recording it, full of laughter and mucking about, especially when it comes to the chorus.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find this track on Youtube or Soundcloud, however it is on their Unsigned page.


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