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Song of the Day: Lost Words of Forgiveness by Teodasia Featuring Fabio Lione

You know when you’re listening to a song and you feel it’s destined for more? You know, it conjures an image of sweeping audiences, of people screaming and yelling and moshing and dancing and whatever they do depending on the genre, the band are on stage at an arena performing the song with all their passion and emotion and the air is full of vibrations of the song.

Well this is one such song. Lost Words of Forgiveness deserves to be heard in an arena because it is too overwhelming, too epic and way too awesome to be contained in that small toilet venue found in that crappy part of town.

Created by Italian rockers Teadasia, who are inspired by many including Nightwish, it would be a generic melodic metal ballad if it wasn’t for the orchestral quality. There are tinges of Creak Mary’s Blood which came from their love of Nightwish and at others it was all them. Drums brutally beaten, the guitar strummed to within an inch of its life, those haunting but oh so lovely vocals and that little hint of orchestra which takes it to a whole new scale.

It certainly isn’t a small song. It’s meant to be heard by many an ear, there is layer after layer of musical goodness all whisked together to create one wonderful, delicate blend.

What do you think?

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