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Song of the Day: Laura by Bat for Lashes

I have never ever listened to this artist before, but yesterday I got into the car, turned the radio on and this song had just started. I missed the introduction, had no idea who it was by or what it was called. It grabbed my attention and then I forgot about it.

Then this morning I was looking through the music tag on WordPress and saw someone had posted the video for this so decided to give it a go. Lo and behold, it was the same captivating and beautifully haunting song that was on the radio. So thank you WordPress, for reuniting us after out short time apart, because this is a truly wonderous song.

I love how simple the piano is, it’s there casually in the background yet providing a powerful foundation to launch the song from, but it’s utterly simple because this is all about the voice. Completely and totally about the voice. It evokes emotion because it is full of emotion.

Each syllable is dripping with meaning and passion and performed so perfectly that it’s a shame the song finishes. But even then it’s not over because it lingers. The lyrics, the vocals, the meaning, even the piano. They all linger. This is a haunting song through and through because it stays with you for a long time after it’s over.

It flows so smoothly, even when her voice breaks it doesn’t upset the balance of it, if anything it adds something. This is a truly beautiful song and I will be avidly consuming their other material.


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