Cultivating great musical taste

Song of the Day: Georgia by Band of Horses

Georgia by Band of Horses is such a catchy piece of music. I first heard it playing on BBC Radio 1 on one of the later shows a while back and was quite intrigued by it.

The chorus is, of course, the best part. The verses feel like they’re building up to something and the chorus is the culmination of it. The singer completely puts his all into those lyrics whereas the verses pale in comparison to the brilliance of that chorus.

The music is fun too, it gives the song a liveliness that the vocals don’t. although saying that, if you really focus on the lyrics it becomes much more enjoyable (not that it isn’t in the first place, if it wasn’t enjoyable it wouldn’t have made song of the day).

definitely check it out, it’ll be stuck in your head for a while too!


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