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Song of the Day: Preliator by Globus

This song is awesome, I had completely forgotten about it until a moment ago. Preliator by Globus starts off with a bit of chanting that makes them sound a little like Leaves Eyes. But the track quickly lifts off from that, diving into an altogether more dramatic atmosphere.

It’s not the usual type of song, it sounds more like layers of chanting instead of actual lyrics because of the latin, but it gives it that unique feeling, that feeling you get when something is so totally awesome. There’s a sort of marching quality to it too, as if people are about to go to war and one thing you can’t deny is that it’s passionate.

It starts off a little slowly but builds up in pace, like the Requiem for a Dream music. There are layers that you might not notice the first time round, sounds that go unheard at first but then seep into your consciousness the more you listen to it.

Then there’s the end of it. Once again slow, but it’s the perfect way to finish. melancholic vocals give the brilliant track a mournful tinge, and then they fade out and all of a sudden the really dramatic and passionate song falls into silence.

It’s one of those that belong in a film soundtrack, or at the very least will get your imagination running. Although saying that, it was used in a Specsavers advert a while back.


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