Cultivating great musical taste

Song of the Day: Let’s Go by Matt and Kim

Let’s Go by Matt and Kim is a pretty cool song, right from the get go it catches you. I actually discovered it here on WordPress through several different blogs. It starts off with irresistible ‘ooooh’s’ and then by the time the verse actually starts you’re hooked.

There’s a sort of simplicity to it, which is far too rare nowadays. It has a simple beat, with simple and effective lyrics, the vocals are straightforward with no complicated extras, it makes for a very nice listen and it’s sort of relaxing. Of course, if you feel the need to move along with it nobody is going to blame you, it’s the type of track that encourages movement and it’s hard to resist.

It won’t take many listens for you to start singing along to it either. It’s one of those ones that worms their way in and you can sing along to happily. The video is pretty good too, it’s kind of mesmerising to watch and impressive that he can do it to the rhythm of the song.


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