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Song of the Day: Vincent by Fightstar

It’s a cover of the Don Mclean song and it’s wonderful. Vincent is performed in a different way from most of Fightstar’s other songs. Instead of the usual ferocity that comes from each band member with their usual rock songs, lead singer Charlie Simpson strips it all back, doing what could have been a cringe-worthy acoustic performance, andcompletely pulls it off.

It’s just him and his guitar and it’s a rather introspective performance. You barely notice that the rest of the band are doing nothing because Simpson’s voice carries it with hardly an effort. It is beautifully controlled and therefore the song is beautifully sung.

There is so much emotion poured into this performance that’s it’s almost believable that Simpson was the one who wrote it, you can tell that it means a lot to him. He plays the guitar wonderfully too, each twang of the string is just as emotional as the vocals. At times it’s a relaxing and soothing sound and at others it adds anguish to the lyrics.

It’s a beautiful song and Charlie Simpson should be proud of his interpretation of it, in my opinion it’s better than the original and I could listen to the wavering vocals and those haunting lyrics all day long.


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