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Song of the Day: Ask You a Question by Gabby Young & Other Animals

Ask You a Question by Gabby Young & Other Animals is completely and utterly awesome! I have had it on repeat since I first heard it and this is something that has not happened for a while.

I really can’t put my finger on it, I think it’s because there’s a lot of variety in this one song. The vocals are a hybrid of fast-speaking (which isn’t quite rap) and beautiful singing. Gabby Young’s performance is amazing, it’s such a fast-paced song yet she gets through it flawlessly, she has a pitch to her voice which is wonderful and these lyrics are awesome.

Then there’s the rest of the eight-piece band adding their own stamp with the music, it adds a bit of fun with the beat, it’s all quirky and they produce sounds that you really don’t expect to hear. Some of the best parts of this track come from them. It’s full of passion and anger yet the sense of fun is still retained.

The only real problem with this song is that it’s far too short, but I guess good things come in small packages. Now, I ask you a question:


What do you think?

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