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Song of the Day: Soldieress Lament by Molotov Jukebox

There is much love here on Musical Nourishment for this band. They throw everything into their music except the kitchen sink. Soldieress Lament is no different.

It comes with an epic introduction packed to the brim with a jazzy sparkle and is topped off with Natalia Tena’s beautiful voice. The lyrics are a whole bunch of awesome, and then towards the end it takes a turn towards the dark, the accordion adding mood with its slow-paced, lethargic beats but then it’s whisked away in a storm of violin and trumpet.

This track is one of their best songs, competing with Trying and Don’t Panic for that much coveted top spot. It has such an energy to it that you can’t help but tap into, it gives the impression that their liveĀ  shows are a spectacular to behold.

This song is so full of twists and turns that you don’t really know where it’s going to end up, and the unpredictability of this band is what makes them so awesome, they follow no rules, they do what they want.


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