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EP Review: Lizzie Nightingale Tiny Teardrops

Yet another Scottish singer/songwriter is making music with their own little stamp. Lizzie Nightingale, from Glasgow, cites many an eccentric artist as her influences yet Tiny Teardrops is purely Nightingale.

With the release of her EP Nightingale has garnered support from Radio 1, Radio 2 and Galaxy FM and if that wasn’t enough to convince you how talented she is, the EP is amazing. It’s actually one of those releases that leave you gagging for more. So it’s a good thing, then, that you can download it for free on Nightingale’s Bandcamp page.

The fact that this is a rather dramatic and atmospheric release is a quick realisation, the opening track Alone quickly sets the tone. There’s a simple little tune that carries on throughout as Nightingale belts out her relatable lyrics, the only extravagance being a violin that adds a touch of melancholic drama. A very nice touch mind you, it gives the song that extra depth even though it’s a subtle sound.

Nightingale’s vocals are exciting too, she has a lot of control over them and knows exactly how to use her voice to full effect.  For the most part the songs she has created are of the quirky type, similar to the material Kate Bush produced back in the day. Yet Footsteps is a bit of generic pop, not that his is bad, it just isn’t as memorable as its comrades.

The title track is absolutely amazing. It’s the sort of one that can be played a hundred times in a row before you even realise you’ve had it on repeat. It draws you in and whether the entire song is ironic or not it really is a standout track. The chorus is strangely chirpy and I have to say this song is her best lyrical display on the EP. It really is a great listen.

And it doesn’t relent! The next track Sparkle is just as addictive. There are nice little vocal flourishes that make this catchy and there is an undercurrent of power in the lyrics and in Nightingale’s performance. She makes the song believable and while the beat might be slow it’s not a ballad. It’s full of emotion and is sung passionately and even sends shivers down the spine.

It ends with remixes of Tiny Teardrops and Sparkle which, while enjoyable, are nothing compared to the originals. If you’re on the lookout for new music make sure you check Lizzie Nightingale out, her music is very exciting.


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