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Song of the Day: Running up That Hill by Within Temptation

Oops, Sharon den Adel two days in a row, this was accidental I swear.

Also I realise that this is a very dangerous song to cover because the original is such a classic. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea because it’s a different interpretation by a band who have shiny silvery roots placed firmly in the metal genre, I like to call them ‘fantasy metal’.

Anyway,while the original is drenched in effective and adorable synths Within Temptation have given it a metallic tang. Den Adel’s vocals aren’t the best here but even so they’re amazing, they add a lovely little quirk to the lyrics and, in my opinion, making them more relatable. For example the chorus sounds like it’s full of emotion.

The rest of WT have done a brilliant job, running like the well oiled music machine they are. If I’m remembering correctly this is the only cover I’ve heard the band do, and they’ve risen to the challenge amazingly. They bring the lyric to life, filling your head with images. They’ve done a wonderful job with the material that Kate Bush provided them with.


What do you think?

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