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Song of the Day: Grey by Gideon’s Demise

As you already know from my interview with lead singer Gideon Towers, I have a lot of love for this band’s music. They have a lot of decent tracks, Fusion being a favourite, yet Grey is also one of their most memorable.

Grey is almost like the epitome of rock, it’s discordant but tunefully so, it shuns the perfection of those sickly pop songs and instead it forges ahead in its own direction making a perfection entirely its own. The rough vocals add such character to the track that you find yourself eagerly following the story and the guitars and drums play away in the background bringing a dramatic twist to the song.

It’s an awesomely balanced track, none of the elements try to out perform the other, instead working in perfect harmony. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, with this band comes a glimmering hope that an exciting rock band is about to cause ripples in the otherwise stagnant genre.


What do you think?

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