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Album Review: Mode Moderne- Strange Bruises

Strange Bruises by Mode Moderne

Strange Bruises by Mode Moderne is a release to be cherished. It’s sort of hard to say what makes it so good, really it’s an amalgamation of everything. Philip Intilé’s vocals, the synths, the lyrics. They all fuse together, tumbling and fluttering about like a fledgling bird attempting to take wing.

It jumps straight into the air and it hurtles downwards, a perilous spiral until miraculously it harnesses its wings and takes flight. It soars through the sky as the songs soar through your mind. It’s really a wonderful sound to hear.

The title track is the best example of this, it swirls and it twirls, it dips and it dives, it flutters and it floats, it flies and it glides. It does all of this and more, the vocals are smooth but the backing is jagged. It’s a mighty juxtaposition that will niggle away until it finds the perfect spot in your head and it will stay there for a very long time.

There’s no denying that the vocals sound a little mournful and sullen but they came up with the wonderous idea of partnering them with a subtle dance backing and together they make a slightly odd pairing that actually rather works well together, like dipping chips in milkshake.

With more of a rocky feel to the beat Guns adds a bit of turbulence to the smooth flight. With guitars, drums and synths clashing together in a delirious cacophony of sheer musical joy Intilé’s voice is almost drowned out, but in a good sort of way. In this instance it would sound wrong if he tried to outdo the instruments. But then the end of the song comes about and it’s all about the sonorous voice as it belts out ‘with your heart on my mind and your form not far behind’ and it’s a spectacular finish.

Moving ahead a couple of tracks Electrocute Me starts playing and it’s fast paced and frantic, a definite difference from the rest but it remains as flawless as all the others.

This seven track record is a very exciting release and if you have yet to listen to Mode Moderne it’s never too late to start.

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