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Song of the Day: Free Again by Ideal Zero

Hey look, a female-fronted band from America! Am I going to be ever so predictable and compare them Evanescence?



Well, Evanescence are utter rubbish and Ideal Zero are not. It’s as simple as that.

Hailing from Orlando the band are traversing the labyrinth of the music industry on their own. However being unsigned doesn’t appear to deter them. Their music is a great foundation for their future, if they continue to produce stuff like this and build upon it, they have a good career ahead of them.

Free Again is a powerhouse of rock/metal music. It’s complete with a captivating chorus and powerful vocals, and the thing that always gets me with rock and metal music is the speed with which the guitarist and drummer play their instruments. It can only be admired and thankfully it’s no different here.

Just don’t listen to it on the bus. With everything the band have put into it, this is one heck of a loud song, and no doubt your fellow passengers will give you some withering looks while you enjoy yourself.

What do you think?

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