Cultivating great musical taste

Song of the Day: Little Boxes by Walk Off the Earth

This is one of their amazing covers. In fact it was the first Walk Off the Earth song I heard and I think the video is just as great as the song.

I’m not sure I stumbled across the original during my exploration of different versions, but I am sure that this one was by far the best. It’s a catchy tune, utterly simple in its delivery but complex in its lyrics.

From what I gather it’s about everyone being the same because of society, I think, I’m not the best at analysing lyrics. Anyway, it really is a beautiful song, the music is nothing extravagant, just a really basic tune that slowly gets added to over time but despite the gradual addition of layers it still maintains its wonderful simplicity.

I think one of the best things about this is that they incorporate the cardboard, especially at the beginning with the tubes. They’re pretty ingenious musicians and that only truly comes with passion, and these guys have it by the bucket load.

What do you think?

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