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Walk Off the Earth Have a New Original Song

Walk Off the Earth, of the Somebody I Used to Know around one guitar fame, have released a new original song. While they’ve made a name for themselves by covering songs and making them their own they’re never afraid to go out there and explore. They’re one of the best bands about at he moment with their personalities gaining fans as well as their music.

Summer Vibe has come out just in  time for the summer months and it captures that feel perfectly, it also happens to bring summer to you if you’re suffering an excessively rainy day when the sun is supposed to smiling happily down.

Walk Off the Earth are brilliant musicians and if you’re seized by the desire to see them live here are a bunch of tour dates for you:
July 8 – Ottawa, ON
July 9 — Quebec City, QC
July 13 — Lansing, MI
July 17 — Boston, MA
July 18 — New York, NY
July 19 — Philadelphia, PA
July 27 — Guelph, ON
July 29 — Penticton, BC
August 04 — Chicago, IL
August 10 — Fredricton, NB
August 19 — Tokyo, JP
August 23 — Oklahoma City, OK
August 25 — Berlin, DE
August 26 — Wiesbaden, DE
August 27 — Cologne, DE
August 29 — Munchen, DE
August 30 — Vienna, AT
August 31 — Nuremberg, DE
September 01 — Bochum, DE
September 02 — Hamburg, DE
September 03 — Amsterdam, NL
September 05 — Paris, FR
September 06 — Bristol, UK
September 07 — Manchester, UK
September 08 — London, UK
September 13 — Montreal, QC
September 20 — Toronto, ON



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