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Song of the Day: Black Sheep by Metric

So if you’ve seen Scott Pilgrim you’ve heard this song, well a cover of it anyway. It’s the one that Envy performs on stage before Todd is outwitted by Scott and loses his vegan powers.

While the intro might go on for a bit too long the rest of the song greatly improves on it, it mixes up the tempo and aggression, sometimes it seems like another harmless pop song and at other times the rock edge comes through saving it from become overly cloying.

However the sweet vocals stick to the textured foundations laid down by the guitars and drums and together they create a better than average track. The seemingly echoing ‘ooohs’ are a nice touch giving it that extra oomph to the song. It has become a favourite of Metric fans and most people who have been introduced to it via Scott Pilgrim have fallen in love with it too.

What do you think?


What do you think?

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