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Album Review: A Thousand Times Before by Goodbye, Labrador

Cover of A Thousand Times Before

Formed in 2008 Goodbye, Labrador are a testament to how important the internet has become since its inception. When they first grouped together they took the opportunity to record a few demos before having to part ways. However distance didn’t dampen their passion or drive, instead they set about producing their album through emails and Skype.

The dedication paid off and they recorded their self-titled debut release in 2010 and now they’re back with their second, A Thousand Times Before, hoping to make the same impact as before.

Goodbye, Labrador come from all over the globe but they share one dream, one passion and that is music.

A Thousand Times Before is a six-track album of tentative indie music and the fact that the members live all over the place makes this an even more remarkable achievement. The tracks run pretty smoothly, they’re not a collection of discordant noise as you might expect with a band that predominantly spend their time conversing with each other online.

However, this is their second release so they have had plenty of time to get used to their unique situation and their time touring with one another would have been invaluable practice.

Anyway, onto the actual album, it has a slight indie feel to it and on occasion you can hear a slight Morrissey-esque touch to the vocals (courtesy of Martin Pípal, Phil Gold, Gonçalo Hipolito Martins), not in the sense that they sound like his but just the way some of the notes are held.

Opening track Intrepid is a good sign of things to come, the drums, played by J. M. Silverman, form the backbone of the song and everything else is built up around them. The vocals are strong through each verse and the chorus sees them fade out slightly, and it is like this the song ends. It’s a catchy track and definitely one of the best on the album.

Sirens has more of the same vocal talent while Falling Away has more strength to it, instantly making it more memorable. There’s a hint of Exlovers about them which is always a good thing.

However the closer you get to the end of A Thousand Times Before the more you feel like you’ve heard the songs,well, a thousand times before. They start to sound the same. Thankfully Memoir comes along and starts to dismiss that idea, it has a different, darker feel and has the repeat factor to it.

Overall Goodbye, Labrador have produced a decent album and if you’re a fan of Exlovers you should definitely check them out. A Thousand Times Before comes out on 6 August through Dead Fisherman Records.


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